DOMIKI KRITIS S.A. was founded in 1985 with the core activity the construction of public heavy infrastructure projects as well as private projects, the Real Estate development, the production of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources, the production and trade of quarry products, the production of concrete as well as the shareholding participation in other sector companies.
The company sold its stake and withdraw from its activities related to quarrying and concrete production and focused its attention on the construction of infrastructure projects, Real Estate development and energy production Renewable Sources.

The current activities of the company include all categories of infrastructure construction such as Building /Residential, Port/Marinas, Road, Hydraulic - Sewerage, Electromechanical, Industrial, Energy, Green Projects, Renewable Energy, Solid and Waste Management as well as Real Estate Development.
It is housed in privately-owned offices in Heraklion, Crete, at 14 Koroneou Street, in Athens, 27 Michalakopoulou Avenue, and at the Industrial Area of Heraklion, K 'Street, where are the facilities of the modern and fully equipped repair and maintenance workshop of fixed land and floating equipment of the Group, the housing offices of the technical services of the company as well as the headquarters of the subsidiary company "Domiki Viomichaniki SA".

The company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since January 2000, from which it raised funds, and subsequently invested them in the renewal and upgrading of its technical and mechanical equipment with the addendum of new machinery and floating equipment, as well as the acquisition of other companies, that created the group of technical companies it is today.
Over the last years, the company has undergone considerable development, gaining an important place in the Greek construction industry, undertaking and completing important public and private infrastructure projects throughout the Greek Territory.

The founder and main shareholder of the company is Mr. Synassakis Georgios, Chairman – Chief Executive Officer.

The company has a 6th grade construction license (according to Greek Ministry of Infrastructure) and in cooperation with its subsidiary (99%) DOMIKI VIOMICHANIKI SA., which respectively holds a 4th contractor license, are able to carry out large and complex construction projects. The company over the years, either alone or as part of a joint venture, has built and manufactured a wide range of port works, road works, building, sewerage and Energy projects.

Indicatively, we mention some of the best known:

Road: North Axis of Crete (several sub-sections), Heraklion-Miron Road, Heraklion-Pyrgos Road, Heraklion-Viannou Road, Neapoli-Montevassia.

Buildings: Stage of Pamplona, Heraklion Grand Hero of Crete, Exhibition Center of Gournes Heraklion, Aquarium of Crete and laboratories of ITHAVIK, Technical University of Crete-Chania, "Talos Plaza" Shopping & Entertaining Center.

Port: Saint Kosmas Olympic Sailing Center, Plenty of fishing shelters on the coast of Crete, Lavrion port, Heraklion port of Crete, Port of Rethymno, Port of Alexandroupolis, Port of Gytheion and plenty of marinas all over Greece.

Plumbing: A lot of sewage and irrigation and water supply projects.

Energy: Construction of the Volcano Wind Park, Kouloukon Wind Farm. Specifically in the field of Energy DOMIKI KRITIS SA has been active in the field of production and operation of electricity since the year 2000 either through the operation of wind farms or by participating in other energy companies.

It also participates through its subsidiary DOMIKI ENERGIAKI SA (97,5%), in public limited liability companies that are active in Crete and which are "HLIAKO PARK ZAKATHOS SA", "AEOLIKO VIANNOY SA".


Especially for the "AEOLIKO EAST ACHAIAS SA" and "AEOLIKO ROUKIO SA" as already announced by the company, a memorandum of understanding with a foreign foreign company for the development, construction and operation of the parks of the above wind energy companies

In REAL ESTATE, the company participates in DIAS SA with 51%, in "Panorama Mallion SA" with 40% and in "Lydakis Synacakis SA" with 50%. The above companies are owners of important properties in different regions.

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